About Torii

Torii is a SaaS management tool for startups and growing companies.

With the rapidly growing number of SaaS solutions on the market every day, and the access to those SaaS being available with a click of a button, today’s Modern IT work is more challenging than ever. SaaS adoption is a positive trend. It allows people throughout the organization to adapt technology and drive the business forward, yet it results in decentralized IT, today more than ever.

Checkout out toriihq.com for more details.

Who are you?

You are a team player who can work with us to create a great company with emphasize on amazing culture, high software engineering standards and fast iterations. Someone who enjoys being generalists working on both the frontend and backend.

A developer who gets the job done and are willing to learn and do what it takes to solve engineering and product problems in order to create delightful products together.

You have a few years of experience building web applications.

Why Us?


Raanana, Israel

Our Tech Stack

Since we're in the beginning, you'll be able to have big impact on our future tech stack. We aim to be completely Serverless and make use of JavaScript both for front end and backend. We are eager to adapt new technologies - pick the best tool for the job.

At the moment we are currently working with:

- Serverless (AWS Lambda, S3 and Aurora)
- JavaScript - ES6/ES7
- Frontend - React, Redux
- Backend - Node.js
- Testing - Jest

Send your CV to Uri Nativ, Tal Bereznitskey or Uri Haramati.